Jesus is amazing!

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope we all had a nice and refreshing start to this week. May you all be blessed and happy in the rest of it.

Today I wanted to share my thoughts on the word amazing. If it seems irrelevant for my blog just stick around until the end.

I started to ponder upon this after reading into some fascinating work of Simon Ponsonby- a fantastic author and part of my very own church at St Aldates Oxford as a Pastor of Theology. 

His book named 'Amazed by Jesus' is an absolutely fascinating, and masterfully crafted set of thoughts. It deep dives into the very person and work of Jesus. Mr P takes the time to really define the word 'amazing', and takes a look at what the connotations we hold for that word are.

In the modern use of this word, 'amazing' has definitely become overused to the point where the actual meaning of the word is blurry.

What qualifies to be amazing? What can be amazing? Can it be that TV show? Or that new restaurant?

Mr P wonderfully explains how he reserves this word for only special occasions and people. More specifically he mentions his wife, his children and of course Jesus.

His book is filled with brilliant examples of how Jesus is amazing. 

Just think to quickly can that 'amazing' restaurant become boring? Or how quickly do we get sick and tired of seeing that 'amazing' show?

Now think to yourself back to Jesus' time. He had 12 disciples and they had been with him day and night for about three years These three years were filled with mind boggling miracles, healings and signs. In these years Jesus 'uttered' the most beautiful teachings to them. Simply put- they had the privilege of observing Jesus live the most perfect life.

These disciples must have been amazed 24/7! The true and real meaning of the word amazement. The kind of amazement that 'would probably leave their jaws aching' as Mr P puts it. Probably a little something like this all day long:

Jesus is truly the amazing One.

Mr Ponsonby defines some of the original Greek words used in the book of Mark to convey their amazement.

One word being 'thambeo' coming from the Greek root 'tremon' which we coincidentally get our word 'to tremble' from. So when this word is being used to describe their amazement at Jesus' acts, it is to describe it with this sense of trembling.

Another word used to describe their excitement is 'ekpliso'. This means to strike with a blow. So when this word is being used to describe their amazement, it is meant that they were literally knocked out of their senses with amazement. 

Doesn't this want to make you rethink how and who and what you assign the word amazing to?

Jesus is truly the only One who could match the definition of being amazing.

Unlike that TV show, or restaurant, your amazement at Jesus should never disappear! 

As Mr Ponsonby wrote;

"Mild interest about Jesus shows you've not yet met Him. Jesus is amazing."

Truly, I could not find a better way to put it. So I challenge you to try and rediscover your amazement for Jesus again. 

Best starting point is of course the Word of God, but after I would strongly recommend grabbing this book from Simon Ponsonby.

You can do that right here!

Just before you go, I want to share with you three Bible verses, with the original Greek words, that show people's amazement for Jesus.

Looking at Matthew 7:28-29;

"When Jesus had finished saying these things, the crowd were amazed (Greek= "exeplessonto"=struck) at His teaching, because He taught as one who had authority and not as their teachers of law."

Looking at Matthew 13:54;

"Coming to His hometown, He began teaching the people in their synagogue, and they were amazed (Greek= "ekplessethai"=struck). "Where did this man get this wisdom and these miraculous powers?" they asked."

Looking at Mark 2:12;

"He got up, took his mat and walked out in full view of them all. This amazed (Greek= "existasthai"=struck) everyone and they praised God, saying, "We have never seen anything like this!"

In each of these, their amazement is describe as so huge that it struck them out of their senses. They were astonished at the works of Jesus. They were truly amazed.

So let's make it our aim this week to re-ignite our passion and amazement for Jesus!


*important note- always make sure you go back to the original source which is the Word of God to confirm that what you are reading is true. This goes for anything you hear or read about God. You need to always go back and make sure for yourself. To make things easier for you below are links to the relevant chapters in the Bible from this article.


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-Mark 2

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