About Us

Funding Story

AllBlessings was born form a profound personal journey into Christianity. Founded by Michael, who discovered a deep faith in Jesus and dedicated his life to spreading His message. The vision expanded when two university friends joined, bringing their passion and commitment to the team. The inspiration behind AllBlessings stems from the simplicity and minimalism inherent in Christianity, reflecting in everything we do.

Mission & Vision

At AllBlessings, our mission is clear: to embolden Christians to proudly display their faith in all facets of life- whether at work, school or in their communities. We envision a future where our platform grows to facilitate larger charitable endeavours, making impactful donations where they are needed most. 

Products & Services 

Currently, AllBlessings offers a range of products including mugs, tote bags, stickers and soon, apparel and other exciting accessories. Each item is designed with simplicity and minimalism, yet packed with powerful messages that resonate with the Christian faith.


Michael, our founder, oversees research, development and company operations.

Calvin, the finance and deputy director, brings his legal expertise and fervent commitment to Christ. 

Vinnie and Simba, our furry team members that remind us of the joy and light-heartedness that complement our serious commitment to our mission and values.