For He saw my affliction...

Welcome to the Blessed Blog! Today I felt compelled to help you get to know me!

I hope that this reveals a little more about the author, and gives you trust in me and my writing as we follow on this learning journey together.

 It is often that the learner himself teaches the best, because he understands where the confusion arises...

Hear the poem:


 For He saw my affliction

Father I'll tell you a story,
worry not- only a short one.
About my progress in faith,
about my trust in Your plan.

I'll take You back a year,
everything was very different.
When I called myself a Christian,
I still felt the distance.

Saying Hallelujah just for the sake of it,
never knew what it meant.
But you saw the intent, and saw my affliction,
and knew my purpose is great.

Your Spirit fell as hard as bricks on me,
a feeling of warmth, love and understanding.
Everything was more clear when I paid attention,
You lowered life's pascals, did the crash landing.

But don't assume the landing was smooth,
because the pilot is the Son.
The co pilot was distracted,
we had landed on the Hudson.

But when this was done,
I saw it was good.
No longer a problem of could,
but an action of would.

While these words are addressed to You,
I know there is no need.
Like the footprints in the sand,
the ones I saw were Your feet.



All Blessings,


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